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Grab this vacancy on your own or together with your best friend. Part of a small team? And do you wanna bring your team under the wings of Keplar Agency? This is your chance. We are hiring. Though maybe we have more than just a job and cool projects for you. Ready to rock? Apply now.
Yes. That's correct. We are setting up a full development team and we are in the search of developers that want to join. In other words, we have multiple openings in the technology field and therefore we are happy to meet people in various ranges in developing outstanding code. So what are we looking for? We are searching for people how can take the lead. An individual, a duo, or even a small team. We welcome you. Are you the architect? Apply. Are you a lead developer with ambition? Apply. Rockstar in front-end? Apply. Back-end hero? Apply. So yes we are in the search of multiple persons. And yes you can apply individually, as a duo, or as a small team. Come fly under the wings of Keplar Agency and apply today. And just so you know... we can offer more than just a job. Feeling the entrepreneurial spirit? Apply. Summed up: get in contact with us via jobs@keplar.nl or email directly with ruurd.kooistra@keplaragency.com to discover all opportunities.
We are looking for WordPress / Woocommerce developers who will be responsible for the architecture, back and front-end of to be realized websites and webshops. Is this a position that suits you and appeals to you? Do you also want to become part of the company where we will jointly ensure more growth. Do you fit our profile? Does it sound good so far? Check if you fit in our profile, are we looking for you? We do have a number of wishes when it comes to our new teammates. What do we Ask? That you have sufficient to extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript version management, and server management. Experience with WordPress and Woocommerce and implementing relevant plug-ins. You know your way around Adobe and Sketch. You are able to optimize front-end templates for every device. You love teamwork, though you can also work independently and take responsibility. And yes, you stay up to date with the latest techniques and you think along. Sounds like you? Apply today!
Come work with us. This job opening is available for individuals, duo's, teams, or small ventures. Come and fly with us, under the wings of Keplar Agency. Are you up for it? Do you tick the boxes? Have a box of your own and have a question? Excellent! We'd love to get in contact with you. Please direct your questions to ruurd.kooistra@keplaragency.com or send an email to: jobs@keplar.nl
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