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Randstad Route 55

Application + Online Platform


For the celebration of Randstad Holding’s 55th year as one of the biggest names in global HR services, Randstad asked us to create an employee engagement campaign that would tell their story to thousands of staff members worldwide and connect and inspire them on a deeper level.

Keplar produced Route 55, a digital journey covering the history and culture of Randstad. Represented as an interactive map with quizzes, information about the company and a unique ‘talent hunt’ - designed to find Randstad’s very own ‘next big thing’ - the multilingual Route 55 app and web platform connected with a thriving Google+ community to bring together and inspire over 28 000 employees for one big global party. The results? Over 28 247 individual users, 25 000 votes cast and 13 211 quizzes completed. That’s how you condense 55 years of history into 1 journey.

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